Hire purchase / Lease purchase

A repayment facility providing outright ownership at the end of the agreement, repayments can be equalised throughout the agreement or structured for example seasonal payments, increasing or reducing payments, lump-sum payments to suit cash flow.


Hire Purchase / Lease Purchase benefits


• Matched repayments to fit cash flow
• Retains cash in your business
• Tax benefits
• Flexible deposits, structured periods and repayments
• The asset is yours at the end of the agreement

This facility can be either fixed or variable rate see below more detail of the variable rate options.


Balanced Payments Plan


• A variable rate with fixed repayments
• When base rate fluctuates, the period of the agreement is adjusted resulting in fixed payments and a variable period makes for easy budgeting


Variable Funding


• Variable interest rate linked to base repaying capital equally and interest as it accrues, normally quarterly